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Quality. Quality. Quality. 
It is imperative to the Camplife Customs team that we deliver your rig back to you the way you imagined and the way you were promised. That is why we have established the Camplife Customs Process so that the majority of the build work is decided upon before contract signing. We have found that given the nature of our services it is important we get to know each other and talk about your van vision from the jump off. This may require a few phone calls and meetings.

1. Prior to filling out the form (by clicking the link below) it is important to know that our full build pricing ranges from $55,000 - $200,000 (sans vehicle). Once you fill out the initial contact form a team member will reach out via email to schedule an introduction call with our founder. On this phone call we will discuss your van needs and vision.

​If you feel you require our partial build services please click here.

If you feel you require our consultation services please click here.

2. After the intro call we will email our van questionnaire for you to fill out to ensure we have a reference of your needs. 

3. Once you send back your completed van questionnaire our team will take a look and set up your second step phone call. This call will allow both parties to be able to get on the same page regarding needs/materials and talk through any questions. On this phone call we will also have an estimated quote we can give you and if it's agreeable we will move onto the next step.

4. Due to the time it takes to ensure we have put together an accurate build sheet that fits your needs/vision we charge a $250 non refundable labor fee for a detailed quote. Ultimately, this payment will be deducted from the final cost of your build. We will schedule you to come to our shop with your rig and have an in person meeting to talk numbers and details. 

5. Once you review and agree on your final quote we will send you a contract that all parties will sign off on. 

6. We collect your deposit, you drop off your van, and become part of the Camplife Customs family! 

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