Quality. Quality. Quality. 
It is imperative to the Camplife Customs team that we deliver your rig back to you the way you imagined and the way you were promised. That is why we have established the Camplife Customs Process so that the majority of the scope of the build work is decided upon before contract signing and both parties are on the same page. We have found that given the nature of our services it is important we get to know each other and talk about your van vision from the jump off. This may require a few phone calls and meetings.

1. Once you fill out the form to the best of your abilities we will reach out via email to set up a first step phone call. On this phone call we will discuss your van needs and vision. We also recommend having an idea of your budget. Our full builds range from $75,000 - $200,000 (sans vehicle). 

2. After the phone call we will email you a van needs questionnaire. This will help create your final contract (should we reach that step) but will also help prep you on what you could expect in terms of a built out van. 

3. Once you email your filled out van questionnaire our team will take a look and set up your second step phone call. On this phone call we will be able to get on the same page regarding needs/materials and  talk through any questions. On this phone call we will also have an estimated quote we can give you and if it's agreeable we will move onto the third step of putting together a final quote that can go into contract (should all components be agreed upon by both parties). 

4. We put together and send you a final quote sheet that includes your van components. 

5. Once you review and agree on your final quote we will send you a contract that all parties will sign off on. 

6. We collect your deposit,  you drop off your van, and become part of the Camplife Customs family! 

Shop Visits: We require a phone call and a filled out van questionnaire prior to seeing our work in person. Please do not drop without completing these two steps.