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Converted Sprinter 170





  • 12V Dometic Fridge/Freezer 10CF

  • (Seperate Fridge/Freezer Compartments)

  • Dual USB Outlet Side of Cabinet

  • Kitchen sink (to be determined by customer)

  • Butcher Block Countertop

  • Hot Water option To Sink

  • Farm Style Faucet for Kitchen Sink (style determined by customer)

  • Kitchen 110v Outlet

  • Dometic Propane Cooktop 14oz Bottle Powered


  • ¾ Bed With Flip Up to Full Length Bed

  • Foot of Bed- Benches Fabricated w/ lift up access 

  • Flip up Countertop on End Of Kitchen Cabinet 

  • Removable Custom Dining Table on Swivel 

  • Poplar or Cedar Ceiling 

  • Wall Coverings Shiplap

  • Rigid Core Vinyl Plank Flooring

  • ACX SubFloor 

  • Passenger Swivel Chair

  • Kitchen Overhead Cabinet

  • Overhead Cabinet rear of Bath (R/L tbd)

  • Insulated Window Coverings 

  • Hanging Clothes Cabinet 

  • Custom Upholstered Cushions for Beds/Bench 5” Premium Memory Foam 

  • 4 Season Insulation 

  • Kill Mat Sound Deadening Material Base Layer 

  • Thumb Print Safe


  • Full Wet-room w/ Shower

  • Thetford Cassette Toilet  with exterior cassette removal 

  • Hot Water option to Shower 

  • Outdoor Shower With Hot Water option


  • Slider Door Window w/ Opening 

  • 2 x Rear Door Windows Slide Opening 

  • Espar Heating System 

  • Espar Hydronic Heated Water System

  • Dometic Low Profile Penguin II A/C Front Location 

  • Maxx Fan Bed Location 


  • 170


  • 300W Monocrystalline Solar System Roof Rail attached

  • LED External Lighting 

  • Side Steps (Running Boards)

  • Front facing LED Light Bar 

Outsourced Items:

  • Aluminess Roof Rack Full Size

  • Aluminess Ladder Driver Side Mount

  • Fiamma F45s Awning


  • HIGH


Electrical Components:

  • 3000 Watt Pure Sine Inverter w/ Wall Switch

  • 12 Volt Fuse Panel 

  • 3x 110v Plugs 

  • Power Charger 110AC to 12v 

  • Full House Wiring System

  • Renogy Power System DC to DC

  • 4x 100ah House Batteries Lithium Ion Battle Born LifePO4

  • Shore Power Connection with auto power switch

  • Dimming LED Ceiling Lights- 4 Zones (Main Zone & Kitchen Zone, Under Bed, Bathroom) 

  • 3x 12volt USB Plugs

  • LED Wall Touch Switches (Dimming)

  • 2 Gauge House System Wiring 

  • Power Distribution Panel

  • Solar Controller (In Line Fuse Protected)

  • 300W-400W Monocrystalline Solar System

  • Renogy Battery Monitoring System

Water/Heating System(s):

  • In-Line water filtration

  • Fresh water tank (size TBD) 

  • Grey Water Tank w/ Direct Drain (size TBD)

  • Shurflo 3 GPM 12v Water Pump 

  • Passenger Side Exterior Water Fill Location 

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